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  • Beyond Academia Conference 2022

    Philosophy does have practical applications! Next Thursday, I am participating in Berkeley’s Beyond Academia conference, leading a general interest workshop for Humanities & STEM students on how to think about finding a job right now. It’s free to participate and there’s still time to register here.

  • Adventures in online teaching: Meatspace edition

    Adventures in online teaching: Meatspace edition

    Today, as I was wrapping up a phone call, I walked into one of my regular cafe spots to get some work done. I put my bag and coat down at the large group seating area and walked away so as not to distract those working with my phone conversation. I was focusing on my…

  • Acorn Symposium at Texas State

    Earlier this month, I participated in the Acorn Symposium at Texas State University. As far as philosophy conferences go, the breadth of faculty participation and humanities fields represented was truly impressive. I felt very lucky to be able to participate in the panels and have extended discussions with several other scholars from different fields over…

  • 2018 is looking good so far!

    While a new semester of undergrad teaching is always exciting, in January I also managed to write a good deal and cap off the month with a lively portrait session. Here are a few previews from the shoot with singer/songwriter¬†Mike Meo¬†and bandmate Glen Roberts. Later this month, I’ll be traveling to sunny San Marcos as…