2018 Acorn Symposium Dialogues, Texas State University (Photo: Dr. Greg Moses)

Current Research

“A Shape of Life Grown Old,” on the theoretical and historical problems that arise when comparing the political & economic thought of Hegel and Keynes.

In December 2018, I defended my dissertation, “Hic Rhodus, hic salta! Three conceptions of the modern inequality paradox.” 

Click here to read a dissertation chapter

I am also conducting research into how philosophy as a subfield of the humanities contributes to the development of a more robustly democratic culture, work inspired by my research and experience building a state-wide public dialogue program with Illinois Humanities.

Upcoming Talks

“Incompatibilism: Two views on the interpenetration of political and social interests in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right.” 2020 Biannual Hegel Society of America Conference, postponed to 2021. 

Recent Papers

“Hegel’s ‘Keynesian’ Political economy?”, German Idealism at American Philosophical Association Central Division, February 2020.  Abstract.

“Pessimism, political economy and the ‘end of history'”, RPA at American Philosophical Association Central Division, February 2020. Abstract.

Teaching Ethics

“The Big Chill: Law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the Ethics classroom”
Great Lakes Ethics Conference, April 2019.

Invited presentations 

“Experiences in civic engagement and the essential role of the humanities in a democratic society.” Acorn Symposium Dialogues. Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas US. February 26-March 1, 2018.

Presented commentary on J.M. Bernstein’s “Arendt and the Political.”
Tenth Annual Lewis University Philosophy Conference. Romeoville, Illinois.

Selected Conference Presentations

“Plekhanov’s Strategy Against the Neo-Kantians.”
Spinoza and Soviet Thought. Helsinki University, Helsinki, Finland. May 2012.

“Revealing the Real: Voronsky and Adorno on the objective aspect of art.”
Annual European Critical Theory Conference, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy, May 2011.

“Nancy Fraser’s ‘Non-Reformist’ Economic Reform in the Transnational Context.”
Global Crises and Beyond, Global Studies Association North American Conference. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, US.  2010.