Practicing the Humanities Colloquium Course at Berkeley

This semester, I have been developing a graduate colloquium course for the Arts & Humanities division Ph.D. students at UC Berkeley. The course introduces graduate students from across the division to a range of work and career possibilities beyond the tenure track.

Those presenting include Berkeley alumni, faculty and leaders in public policy, publishing, technology and non-profit sectors, including higher education. Members of the class will be appointed as discussion leaders.

Students will develop a wider awareness of how humanists work in and outside academia; relate this knowledge to their own development as scholars, teachers and citizens; and develop a portfolio of resources supporting their academic and non-academic job searches.

Nearing the end of the planning stage, I’ve learned an enormous amount in developing the course. I have learned from Berkeley faculty and students what needs a course like this can meet. I have learned from interviewing colloquium guest speakers about the wide range of experiences across different generations and, within the younger generations especially, the diverse areas of humanistic knowledge and practice that prepared speakers to make remarkable contributions in and outside of academia.

I can’t wait to see what the graduate students do with this material in the Spring.





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  1. Theresa Avatar

    Hey Nicoletta, this looks really great. I wish there had been something like it when I was in school. Jovan was in a program like it at Chicago. Happy holidays, Theresa

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