I teach courses in social and political philosophy, history of philosophy and computing ethics. Recently, I developed Berkeley’s colloquium course for Humanities Ph.D. student career preparedness. My courses emphasize close work with primary texts and on building philosophical reasoning skills. 

The history of philosophy, in dealing explicitly with the great questions, is intimately connected with landmark discoveries in human civilization, and my courses aim to introduce history, and especially intellectual and social history, as the vital context for the problems that have shaped philosophy.

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I take a whole-person approach to philosophy instruction and bring experience from the public humanities into the classroom. My classes engage social modes of learning, including structured self-reflection, peer review, and large and small group facilitated discussions.


Experiential Learning
 Online Teaching Course: Facilitation

Courses Taught

Loyola University Chicago

Philosophy and Persons
Social and Political Philosophy
Social, Legal and Ethical Issues in Computing
(in the Computer Science department)
Theory of Knowledge

North Central College (Naperville, Illinois)